Designs. Revel Spa

Nirvana is what happens when feng shui meets environmently friendly design in this San Francisco spa. Designed by Jiun Ho, Revel Spa is the perfect example of how modern design mixed with green thinking and the 'old is new' concept can help keep our world both beautiful and green!
Antique Thai bird cages act as an artistic installation and as a clever lighting source over a reception desk made of reclaimed wood.
Planks of reclaimed wood from Thailand are used to hide the pipes and ducts on the ceiling.
Mani/Pedi anyone?
George Nelson's famous Swag Leg chairs add to the perfect mixture of modern design.
I'm usually very opposed to the use of teak, as it is endangered, but the teak panelling in this room was preserved from the facade of Thai home dating back to the 18th century.
All the Chinese elements (metal, wood, earth, water and fire) are used in the overall design to pay tribute to the owners' decent. The sound of cascading water into a vietnamese vessel add to the tranquility that is the Revel Spa.

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