Words. "The Land of Humanity"

Prayer is the courage to persevere. It is the struggle to overcome our own weakness and lack of confidence in ourselves. It is the act of impressing in the very depth of our being the conviction that we can change the situation without fail. Prayer is the way to destroy all fear. It is the way to banish sorrow; the way to light a torch of hope. It is the revolution that rewrites the scenario of our destiny.

Prayer is the effort to align the gears of our lives with the movement of the universe. Our lives, which have been passively embraced by the universe, now embrace the universe in turn, making the entire universe our ally, and fundamentally redirecting our state of life in the direction of happiness. As Burns wrote, "a man's a man"- a prayer is the key that opens door after door leading to the full potential within each individual.

-Diasaku Ikeda

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