Contemplations. Friends, friendships and acquaintances.

I’ve been trying to keep this blog light and upbeat, but lately I've been dealing with a frightening thought. Friends, Friendships and acquaintances. What distance does to those things and how empty or fulfilled they can make us feel.

I've been in SD for 7 months now, and I'm scared that I'm losing some of my friends. I don't know how to really explain it or if it can be explained, but the truth is that it's happening and I feel it. I know it's happening because I see little things changing. Interactions aren’t the same anymore, efforts are not being made and it’s all slipping into a casual, unimportant space. People I thought would be there aren't or people I didn't think would be there are. Although, I'm grateful for those who are, I can't help but feel a little heart broken over those who aren't. The conversations don't take place as frequently, the new developments don't seem as exciting to them anymore, or the worse; certain things are just ignored. I don't know how to recover them or what to make of it, but I know it's hard. I sometimes ask myself why I put myself in this situation and the answer is clear. I don't regret my choice of pursuing my passion and a life long goal, but I do wonder what I will lose compared to what I'll gain.

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